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250 Colors in Comfort Lady Leggings(Ankle/Churidar) || 55+ colors in Comfort Lady Kurti Pant || 20+ colors in Straight Pant

Why you should buy from Sui Dhaga Fashion Hub, Ankleshwar?

1) Cost(A very big factor for we Indians)

--> We provide the Guaranteed Low Cost, how?

  • Product price of Sui Dhaga Fashion Hub is 50% less compared to local shops in Ankleshwar and 30% less than Flipkart/Amazon/Myntra.
  • Shops rental cost in Ankleshwar is at an avg price of Rs 25,000. Now add cost of employees, electricity, so a shop owner already has a liability of around Rs 50,000 for a month.
  • How does he recovers it, he adds this liability to the products he sells, so if you are purchasing from such a store means you are paying for his liabilities too. This is the case with each and every shop in Ankleshwar(or elsewhere in India)

Now let us checkout the case with online stores like Flipkart/Amazon.

  • They are charging around 30% of the sale price of a product as their setup cost, commission, delivery cost.
  • That means if you are buying a cloth worth of 1500 Rs( you are paying around 450 Rs to Flipkart/Amazon indirectly ), so the sellers on this platform has to add this cost to the product price and they recover it from you(the buyers)

Now since Sui Dhaga Fashion Hub doesnot own a rented shop, employees we are saving upon the above said liablity of around 50,000.

And since we sell from our own website, we do not need to pay any setup cost or commission or courier charges.

For this reason we are able to pass on the COST benefits to our premium customer and provide you with quality goods at guaranteed low cost. Cheers.....

2) Only Branded(Catalogue) Clothes

We sell Kurties, Plazzos, Pants, Leggings which are from premium brands. We believe in bringing not just the latest trend/Big brands to Ankleshwar but bringing brand affordability too. A normal middle class women should be able to buy and wear it and feel confident and beautiful, that is our motto.

Those ladies who use to shop in Surat or Vadodara Malls will now get a chance to shop high end clothes within their own city and their own store : ""

So friends what are you waiting for, let the lady in you shop & checkout our website regularly(Because we will add new products every 15 days)

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